Series 150 DC Charging Station

Introducing the Series 150 DC Charging Station by Delta Moto Corp, this 03 Phase Charging Station has a Power Rating of 40kW. Having a Water Resistance Rating of IP54, this is the perfect Choice for Outdoor Charging Stations. Equipped with 7″ HMI and a 4G Communication Protocol allowing you to operate and allow the User to Charge Efficiently. This Station is Compatible with Custom Mobile Applications. Boasting a 7″ HMI and a Forced Cooling System ensures that this charging station can be operated properly in All Weather Conditions.


Rugged yet Elegant Design

DC Charging Station have a Rugged Design without Sacrificing the Looks, making it the Right Choice for Homes as well as Crowded Public Areas.

Mobile App Compaitble

These Charging Stations can be programmed to Function only via a Mobile Application for Everyday users, or can be operated using only a RFID Tag for Corporate Fleet Owners.

Touch Screen Operation

The DC Charging Station has a Touch Screen Interface that allows the User to use it efficiently. This allows the Owner to also Integrate QR Codes for Payment Based Charging.

Low Energy Consumption

DC Charging Station from Delta Moto Corp is the Most Energy Efficient unit for Charging Electric Vehicles, thanks to its In-Built Chip which helps in Reducing Power Loss, ultimately improving Efficiency.

Series 150 DC Charging Station

Input Voltage

420 VAC

Input Frequency

45 – 60 Hz

Power Rating

150 kw

Cable Length

8 / 10 mtr

Design IP Rating

IP 54 Rating


7" HMI


4G Communication


RFID Rechargable Key

CSN Network

Ethernet Enabled

Mobile App



Forced Air Cooling

Charging Gun

01 / 02

Socket Type

CCS 2 Socket

Charging gun Temperature Protection


Over Voltage Protection


Under Voltage Protection


Overload Protection


Short Circuit Protection


Ground Protection


Over Temperature Protection


Reverse Connect Protection


Benefits of Delta Moto Corp DC Charging Stations

Designed & Manufactured in India

All Products by Delta Moto Corp are Designed & Manufactured Completely in India providing a Complete Technological and Design Solutions Available Locally to Indian Electric Automobile Industry.

Easier Scalability for Manufacturers

Delta Moto Corp provides Scalable Solutions, Products & Services to all Indian Electric Automobile Industry allowing them to cater the growing Demands of the Nation without having to worry about the Supply Chain.

Homologated Products & Services

Delta Moto Corp has Developed and Engineered its Products keeping in Mind the Indian Automotive Guidelines. All products Supplied are Homologated making it Easier for Manufacturing & Developing the Electric Vehicles.

High Safety & Quality Standards

Delta Moto Corp Believes in Quality, all the Products Designed and Manufactured by Delta Moto Corp are Developed considering the Maximum Safety & Quality Standards.

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