Series 05 Controller for Electric Vehicles

Introducing The Series 05 Controller for Electric Vehicles, Available in 60 | 72 | 84V Infrastructure this Controller is the Right Choice for Mid-Range Electric Scooters and Electric Vehicles, Cart and Boats. Having In-Built CAN | RS485 or Bluetooth Communication Protocols it allows you to Seamlessly Control the Vehicle. Equipped with Smart Features like Hill Assist | Undercurrent Protection | Gear Changing | and Fault Reporting this Controller is the Right Choice for Building Secure Electric Vehicles on a Large Scale.


High Motor Torque

Controller is Programmed to provide High Torque and Maximize the Vehicle Performance, this allows you to Easily Scale Terrains that were previously not possible.

Improved Heat Sinks

Controller is Equipped with Hi-Quality Heatsinks which provides Improved Heat Dissipation and Improved Performance, even in Hotter Conditions.

Completely Programmable

All Controllers provided by Delta Moto Corp are completely Customizable & Programmable, allowing you to Achieve just what you need for your Electric Vehicle

Designed & Built in India

Delta Moto Corp believes in Vocal for Local, All Products are completely Designed and Built in India. This allows us to Maximize & Improve the Performance of the Products.

Series 05 Controller for Electric Vehicles

Rated Voltage

60 V, 84 V

Rated Current

50 A, 55 A

Peak Current

185 A, 190 A

Max Power

3000 W, 4000 W

Flux Weaking Ratio

170 %

Max. Efficiency

< 89%

IP Rating


Benefits of Delta Moto Corp Controllers

Designed & Manufactured in India

All Products by Delta Moto Corp are Designed & Manufactured Completely in India providing a Complete Technological and Design Solutions Available Locally to Indian Electric Automobile Industry.

Easier Scalability for Manufacturers

Delta Moto Corp provides Scalable Solutions, Products & Services to all Indian Electric Automobile Industry allowing them to cater the growing Demands of the Nation without having to worry about the Supply Chain.

Homologated Products & Services

Delta Moto Corp has Developed and Engineered its Products keeping in Mind the Indian Automotive Guidelines. All products Supplied are Homologated making it Easier for Manufacturing & Developing the Electric Vehicles.

High Safety & Quality Standards

Delta Moto Corp Believes in Quality, all the Products Designed and Manufactured by Delta Moto Corp are Developed considering the Maximum Safety & Quality Standards.

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