High Current BMS for Electric Vehicles

Introducing The High Current Battery Management Systems for Electric Vehicles. Supporting both NMC and LFP Battery Chemistry, this BMS Supports a Maximum Current of up to 300A. This Smart BMS includes Advanced Features such as Charging & Discharging Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Temperature Protection Systems. Equipped with Aluminum Heat Sink for Improved Heat Dissipation, this BMS is completely Programmable and communicated through CAN | RS485 | Bluetooth Protocols. Compatible with LTE | GPRS Connectivity this BMS can share data over cloud.


Hi-Quality BMS

Built from Industrial Grade Components, Delta BMS is Designed Specifically for Rugged Indian Environments providing Accurate Parameters Efficiently.

Improved Heat Sinks

BMS is Equipped with Hi-Quality Heatsinks which provides Improved Heat Dissipation and Improved Performance, even in Hotter Conditions.

Designed & Built in India

Delta Moto Corp believes in Vocal for Local, All Products are completely Designed and Built in India. This allows us to Maximize & Improve the Performance of the Products.

Active Power Balancing

Equipped with Smart Power Balancing & Diverting Feature which Constantly checks the Cell Charge and helps in Improving the Cell Lifecycle by a Whooping 25%.

High Current BMS for Electric Vehicles


NMC / LFP Chemistry

Current Rating

80 – 300 A


3 – 32 S


Hardware & Smart BMS


Aluminum Heat Sink


CAN, RS485, Bluetooth


Smart BMS Programmable


Active, Passive Power Balancing


2G / GPS (optional)

Mobile App

Available with Bluetooth

Web Application


Charging Protection


Discharging Protection


Overcurrent Protection


Short Circuit Protection


Temperature Protection


Low Power Consumption


Benefits of Delta Moto Corp BMS

Designed & Manufactured in India

All Products by Delta Moto Corp are Designed & Manufactured Completely in India providing a Complete Technological and Design Solutions Available Locally to Indian Electric Automobile Industry.

Easier Scalability for Manufacturers

Delta Moto Corp provides Scalable Solutions, Products & Services to all Indian Electric Automobile Industry allowing them to cater the growing Demands of the Nation without having to worry about the Supply Chain.

Homologated Products & Services

Delta Moto Corp has Developed and Engineered its Products keeping in Mind the Indian Automotive Guidelines. All products Supplied are Homologated making it Easier for Manufacturing & Developing the Electric Vehicles.

High Safety & Quality Standards

Delta Moto Corp Believes in Quality, all the Products Designed and Manufactured by Delta Moto Corp are Developed considering the Maximum Safety & Quality Standards.

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